Add-On Structure 3meters / 10ft width


3x3 Pro Add-On structure Frame

Width free span: 3 m

You can add as much Add-On structure as you want, there is no limit of length

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3x3 Pro Alu Basic structure Frame

Width free span: 3 m

Side height: 2.30m Height at ridge: 2.90m

Spacing of the trusses: 3 m  

The longest part: 2.95 m

Wind load: 100km/hr (0.50kN/m2)

Maximum length of the structure: No Limit 

 Description of the materials:

Aluminium Extruded anodised aluminium Covering fabric in PVC, PVC coated polyester, glossy, transparent or opaque, flame-proof M2 Steel (connections)

Hot-dip galvanised European steel DIN 50976

Profiles and joins: Front face support: 160/100/3mm (4 grooves)

Wall plate: 130/70/3mm

Ridge purlin: 60/60/3mm

Intermediate purlin: 130/70/3mm

Half-truss post connection: Aluminium channel Standard hardware: ground anchoring, 0.8 m

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