About us

Trigano is the European leader in the leisure vehicle and equipment markets. Our group has nearly 4 000 employees across 9 Europeans countries with half of our revenue being internationally based.

The savoir-faire

Trigano’s party tents and marquees department has the know how when it comes to temporary structures for parties, meetings or any large gathering.

Atelier de couture Trigano

Party Tents and Marquees

Trigano’s knowledge of party tents and marquees is recognised everywhere in France. More than 20 000 local authorities have already chosen us: town halls, municipalities, federations of municipalities, works councils, sports and cultural associations.

Constant evolution

Our design offices ensure our products constant evolution towards greater safety, quality and weather resistance by continually modernising our methods and equipment. For each product, we make sure we select the most suitable materials.

Our factories

Our canvas structures are manufactured in our 4 factories all located in France. Our workforce is made of up men and women dedicated to Trigano and guarantees the quality our work.




Ourproducts are made with recyclable PVC thanks to our partnership with TEXTILOOP.

The flagship product

The flagship product of the Trigano event range are the “PLEIN AIR” and “SUPER PLEIN AIR” models. With a surface going from 12 to 128 m² and various widths of 3 m, 5 m, 6 m and 8 m, this modular tent is by far our biggest selling product in France for the past 20 years.

The frames are in galvanized steel, mostly in Ø 40 x 2 mm. Each frame is assembled with reliable and reinforced brasses, ensuring a high stability and wind resistance (max.100km/h).
Find it in our catalogue: pages 5 and 6.

A sustainable investment

The quality approach is constant in our overall production cycle. The quality procedures applied to the whole range of our products guarantee the sustainability of your investment.